3Commas.io Fees Explained [2022] | Costs of Using Crypto Trading Bots

This guide will discuss how much does it cost to use 3Commas to automate your cryptocurrency trading. Specifically, you will learn the pricing plans of the online trading platform and what users get with each plan. In addition, you will learn how to save on registration fees by taking advantage of the offers offered by third-party crypto exchanges that have partnered with the service.

About 3Commas

3Commas is an unattended online cryptocurrency trading platform created in 2017 by Yuriy Sorokin, Egor Razumovsky and Mikhail Goryunov. In its 5-year journey to date, the service has grown to become a notable market participant, serving more than 220,000 customers worldwide.

The flagship service provided by 3Commas is automated digital asset trading or popularly known as trading bots. These are software that are used to execute trades independently with exact trade execution orders. These trading bots communicate with cryptocurrency trading platforms through API interfaces provided by exchanges.

In addition to automated trading, 3Commas users can also do the following:

  • Manual transactions through Smart Commerce feature;
  • Monitor and manage their crypto assets investment portfolio across many supported exchanges;
  • Test trading strategies through paper business Accounts;
  • Follow and copy trading strategies with the use of social trading Features and characteristics;
  • Learn about cryptocurrencies and trade on 3Commas . Academy.

Note: To learn more about 3Commas, Read our comprehensive review discusses the platform’s features, pricing and plans, how to sign up, pros and cons, and much more. Also you can check out our other tutorials where we delve deeper into 3Commas’ client asset security approach and how to deposit to affiliated crypto exchanges through the platform.

3Mas main products and features

Before we look at the different 3Commas pricing plans, it’s important to understand what you’ll get with a 3Commas account. Below is a brief summary of the main features offered by the trading service.

  1. Automated trading tools – 3Commas users can set up trading strategies based on technical indicators and have them execute them automatically using the following programs:
  • Single and multiple bots allow them to automatically enter or exit spot trades;
  • Long or short bot used to capitalize on any direction the market is trending in;
  • Hodl robot used to buy digital assets for a long-term portfolio;
  • bot grid, can be deployed to buy and sell specified tokens within a regular predefined price range;
  • DCA (dollar cost averaging) bot ideal for making frequent purchases regardless of the price to reduce the average entry price;
  • Optional and future programs to trade Options and Futures on a number of supported exchanges such as Binance and Deribit.
  1. Manual trading tools – 3Commas appreciates the fact that not everyone wants to automate their trading activities. Instead, there are investors who prefer to do technical and fundamental analysis and then execute their orders manually. For these types of merchants, the service provided SmartTrade terminal, go with:
  • Transaction integration provides many currency exchange charts and many technical indicators;
  • Simultaneously ‘Take Profit’ and ‘Stop Loss’ functions to increase profit potential while reducing trading risk;
  • SmartCover to protect investments in times of high volatility;
  • Make profit step by step using staggered sell orders;
  • Follow buy, take profit and stop loss.
  1. Other notable features include:
  • Portfolio Management on all connected exchanges;
  • Crypto Signals a marketplace where experts post free and premium trading strategies that can easily be integrated with pre-existing bots;
  • Paper business to backtest trading strategies.

3Cinema packages and pricing

The 3Commas cryptocurrency trading platform uses a subscription model of four distinct packages, namely:

  • Free;
  • Start-up;
  • Advanced;
  • Professionally.

With each successive plan, users get a little more in terms of access to features. Here’s a summary of what you get with each plan:

Free pack

The free plan costs nothing and is used to attract new users to the service. Although it’s free, this package offers a lot of featuresconsists of:

  • Access to all 18 supported exchanges;
  • Unlimited access to SmartTrade Terminal, but you can only have one active trade;
  • Tradingview integration for TA analysis;
  • Monitor ‘Take Profit’, ‘Stop Loss’ and ‘Take Profit’ and ‘Stop Loss’ features simultaneously;
  • For automated trading, the Free plan only has access to a DCA bot, Options and Grid;
  • Futures and margin trading is possible on supported exchanges with this trading type enabled;
  • Gain access to a portfolio dashboard, transaction logs and the ability to convert their entire portfolio to stablecoins Tether USDT and Bitcoin (BTC);
  • Mobile app access and notifications in mobile apps and Telegram or email.

Here’s what you don’t get with the Free plan:

  • Paper trading account;
  • Rebalancer feature in Portfolio view;
  • Developer API is also disabled;
  • While they are accessible, the rest of the features are limited in functionality.

Bundle for beginners

One tier from the free plan is the priced Starter plan $29/month with monthly subscription or $14.50 (50% off) with annual subscription. The package upgrades the features subscribers get through the Free plan, including:

  • Full access to the SmartTrade terminal for those who want to trade manually;
  • Paper trading accounts for reverse trading strategies;
  • Futures and margin trading support;
  • Tradingview integration;
  • Similar to the Free plan, also only has access to 1 DCA bot, Options and Grid;
  • Get access to the Rebalancer feature in the portfolio section beyond what you get on the Free plan;
  • You receive notifications via your browser, mobile app, Telegram, and email account.

You will not get the following features with the Starter plan;

  • Unlimited access to the DCA bot, Options and Grid;
  • Developer API.

Advanced pack

Advanced package cost $49/month if paid monthly or $24.50 (50% off) with annual subscription. There’s not much difference between what you get with the Advanced plan and the Starter plan except for one – unlimited access to DCA bots.

Here are all the features you get with the Advanced plan:

  • Unlimited Active SmartTrades;
  • Unlimited DCA Bots (Unlimited one pair for Spot. One multiple for Spot, or One for Futures);
  • A GRID Bot;
  • An Options Bot;
  • Tradingview chart;
  • Unlimited Terminal access;
  • Paper business.

However, you will still miss the following:

  • Developer API; and,
  • Unlimited bots for Option and Grid trades.

Professional plan

With the Pro plan, you get access to everything 3Commas has to offer. Package cost $99 per month if paid monthly or $49.50 if paid annually.

Professional plan subscribers get all the features described in the previous section, including:

  • Unlimited Active SmartTrades;
  • Unlimited DCA Bonus (Unlimited Multiple Pairs/Single for Spot & Unlimited for Futures);
  • Unlimited GRID Bots;
  • Bots Unlimited Options;
  • Unlimited Scalper Terminals;
  • Portfolio management;
  • TradingView integration;
  • Paper business.

The Pro plan is the only one that gives you access to the developer API. As a user, you can create other bots that can run on top of 3Commas and provide additional functionality within the platform.

Note: While 3Commas avoids using a commission-based pricing structure, unlike most other automated trading services, its users will still be charged trading fees on similar cryptocurrency exchanges. for transactions made by 3Commas. Exchanges have supported the service use of a commission-based pricing structure and in particular the ‘Maker-Taker’ model.


3Commas has made a number of strategic partnerships with companies in the industry to help reduce or reduce the cost of services. So far, the trading platform has the following two running offers:

Exchange FTX.com – maintaining a strategic partnership with 3Commas allowing users of both services to gain Pro-level access to the auto-trading service for free;

Binance Exchange – one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, with an official partner with 3Commas. Anyone who signs up for Binance through the 3Commas platform gets 30-day free access to the automated trading platform’s Professional Plan.

Final thoughts

3Commas is an innovative cryptocurrency trading platform and if its number of users does not increase, it is also one of the leading players in its market. As discussed previously in our comprehensive 3Commas review, it offers several features; it’s safe and can be used to deposit to affiliated exchanges.

Its subscription model is far superior to the commission-based model adopted by most of its competitors, mainly when used by high volume traders. However, even low volume traders get access to high-level tools like paper trading, Tradingview integration, and at least one bot through the Free and Starter plans.

Overall, 3Commas provides a balanced experience for crypto traders looking to automate their operations, consolidate their portfolios across multiple accounts, and manage their assets more efficiently. at an economical price.

Frequently asked questions on 3Commas

What is 3Commas?

3Commas is an online unattended crypto investment service provider for smart trading tools and automated bots. The platform is based in Tallinn, Estonia and currently serves more than 220,000 users worldwide.

Is 3Commas safe to use?

3Commas is one of the safest cryptocurrency trading platforms mainly because it does not manage user assets. Instead, it promotes the integration of API accounts to access exchange accounts and execute trades remotely. In addition, the platform sought the help of Cloudflare, a security service provider that helps 3Commas prevent DDoS attacks, encrypt web traffic, and manage web application firewalls.

How much does 3Commas cost?

3Commas uses a subscription model with four different plans offered to users. These are the Free, Starter, Advanced, and Pro plans that cost $29, $49, and $99 per month respectively. However, customers can get a 50% discount on annual subscriptions for all paid plans.

How can I save money on 3Commas?

There are several ways to save money on your 3Commas, including opting for an annual subscription so you can claim 50% off. Alternatively, you can choose to sign up with the service’s partner exchanges, FTX.com and Binance, through which you can get lifetime access to the Pro or 30-day plan respectively.

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