No slave to fear…

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity or cowardice or fear, but [He has given us a spirit] of power and of love and of sound judgment and personal discipline [abilities that result in a calm, well-balanced mind and self-control].


I was listening to Chuck Swindol this morning and he said something that resonated with me in connection with this verse. “It’s natural to have some fear but that fear should not be because of our call when God’s power is at work within and through us” (my own paraphrase from Chuck Swindol’s message)

I’m just in the last week of my TESOL course and it’s probably been the singling most challenging course I’ve embarked since college.

The course has also thrown up all kinds of self-doubt in my abilities where I’ve questioned “can I really complete this? ” something many people go through facing school, college and uni at exam time. 

This morning I take heart from Paul’s words to Timothy and I love the way the amplified bible expands on “self-discipline” with, “abilities that result in a calm, well-balanced mind and self-control” know this and take heart (speaking this to myself also) you can do it! He has put it in you! Do your bit, commit to doing the work and trust in the abilities that God has made in you! Finally let him add his gifts and with that fan into flames!

Yes you CAN do this!


Its not about just me

How much we need rest in His presence!
Just sitting in a coffee shop enjoying a coffee. In reflecting on this verse I got thinking “what if, instead of seeing the coffee made by the barista’s for my enjoyment, it was about me and i was made for the coffee” how would that change how i interact with the coffee? It would mean my ego would be self-inflated ’cause it would be all about me not well just to sit and be and enjoy the coffee as it would be an object and legal requirement to revere and obey!

How much I need that regular Sabbath rest, to enjoy just sitting in his presence yet its not a passive thing we just see the things Jesus did on the Sabbath. Instead out of resting in Him we see what he is doing and just maybe he will give us our part to play in it!!

Father everyday I desire to sit with you in your presence and see what you are doing and allow you to lead me in my part. Amen.

Receiving God’s Prophetic word  – 3 things

Matthew 11:7-9 NIVUK  –

As I sit at the end of my vacation in USA I reflect on this passage. 

Our expectations and initial perceptions can so easily colour how we respond when we first meet someone for the first time. It is always why, that if someone tells me about someone I am about to meet but not met yet and especially if it is not favourable I always put it to one side as I don’t want to be coloured by a thought that may or may not be correct. 

Here John’s disciples were asking of Jesus aquiring if he is the one expected after John. Jesus turns the question to the crowds asking what they expected to find in John the Baptist?

In searching for truth it appears to me there are three types of people that we look for:

1/ nature only; a reed swayed by the wind – i love taking walks in nature and yes we often see the beauty of creation, but on its own it is not enough.

2/ eloquent and finely dressed; “…man dressed in fine clothes?” – are you impressed merelly by what you see? The ability of the preacher who looks finely dressed and speaks well? I wonder running to the latest eloquent preacher rather than running to God yourself or hearing God speak through those he has already put in your life!

3/ God sends the ordinary, “A prophet? …more than a prophet.” It’s interesting that we know John the Baptist was not dressed in fine clothes and even had seemingly strange habbits yet God used him to prepare the way for Jesus’ message to be received! Today, don’t merely run to the next fad of christian prophets visiting your town but instead run to Jesus & look around you to see who God may have put in your life today who will speak that word in season into your life today. 

I love nature, I love hearing a good preacher and a prophetic word but remember today if you know Jesus you can run to him, dig deep into his word and ask the Holy Spirit for his word to you today. The Lord will use who he wants to confirm it to you or maybe just give you peace beyond understanding for your situation.

Matthew 11:7-9 NIVUK