How can a newbie start learning about Blockchain?

Blockchain is truly one of the most revolutionary changes that have come about in the recent past. Some believe it will be the main driver of change for many industries. This has opened the door of opportunity for many businesses to start developing Blockchain-based applications, and it has also paved the way for new job opportunities. Knowing Blockchain technology and its application in different fields will help you stay ahead of the crowd. It will positively affect your resume and will bring you a better job and a high salary.

The next question that pops up is how should a beginner start learning about this technology. While you can find many companies that advertise these courses, finding one that can provide you with hands-on experience in addition to theoretical practice is a daunting task. Blockchain Council is a well-known platform for learning. It offers courses for both beginners and professionals. Learn blockchain concepts and have in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology and its platforms. The current, How to learn blockchain technology? This article will guide you on the path to becoming a blockchain expert and the skills needed to start your career in this booming technology.

Table of contents

  1. What does it take to become a Blockchain Developer?
  2. You must be a developer
  3. What are the prerequisites to become a Blockchain Developer?
  4. Technical skills required to become a blockchain developer
  5. Become a blockchain developer
  6. Know about Smart contract
  7. Get familiar with decentralized applications
  8. Understanding blockchain security
  9. Simplify learning
  10. Inference

What does it take to become a Blockchain Developer?

There are several essential things that you must know if you want to make a career in Blockchain or if you want to learn about the technology. If you have basic knowledge of computers and coding, this will help you better understand the concepts of blockchain. If you have a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science or related fields, it is a good choice to look for opportunities in blockchain technology.

Companies currently hiring for Blockchain are looking for candidates who know how to improvise current technology and come up with something new; this is only possible if you have thorough technical knowledge.

The first step to becoming a Blockchain developer is to become a developer and then you can learn blockchain development skills and become a blockchain developer.

You must be a developer

With a basic understanding of programming like Object-Oriented Programming Languages, flat and relational databases and procedural languages ​​will always prove helpful in understanding blockchain in a better way. All the skills a developer has today are useful in blockchain technology. Therefore, knowledge of data structures, web development, and basic programming languages ​​is required to become a blockchain developer.

A developer has a better understanding of Data Structures, so let’s start with a better understanding of Data Structures. Second, you must have enthusiasm to understand new technology. You must learn about Queue, Tree, Stack, LinkedList and Hedera HashMaps data structures.

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You have to learn about coding because it will help you to write efficient code for Blockchain. Also, understanding basic architectures like MVVM, MVC, Document-View Architecture, MVC and Microservices, knowing will help you to understand the difference between conventional system and decentralized system.

Besides that, you also have to learn the basics of Communication Architecture. The advice is always that you must know programming languages ​​like C, C++ or JavaScript. If you are a beginner, you must first prepare to learn all the previously mentioned subjects so that you can easily understand the Blockchain system.

Start your journey as a blockchain developer with the skills mentioned above and learn blockchain concepts in detail. Tell us more about what it takes to become a Blockchain Developer.

What are the prerequisites to become a Blockchain Developer?

  1. Learn about blockchain, you have to start by learning the basics of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. You can start this by joining various blockchain communities and visiting Bitcoin forums on Reddit, crypto vlogs on YouTube, and Blockchain news on Coindesk.
  2. Well, if you are ready to get some hands-on experience, you can do the same thing by buying some crypto and trading it. You can try Coinbase for the same thing.
  3. You can take courses offered by various online platforms like the one offered by the Blockchain Council.
  4. Programming, having a basic idea of ​​coding, will always be helpful. It will help you program for Blockchain applications.

Technical skills required to start your journey as a Blockchain Developer or Blockchain Engineer

Now to enter the blockchain field, you must have knowledge of basic blockchain technology with new concepts developing in blockchain ecosystem. Here are some skills that you need to learn and have in-depth knowledge to start a career in blockchain technology.

  • Distributed systems and networks

To understand blockchain technology, you need to start from scratch. Blockchain technology is a distributed ledger, so understanding of peer-to-peer networks is required. In addition, you need to have knowledge of Blockchain’s consensus mechanism, which is a core of blockchain. The most used blockchain consensus algorithm is Proof-of-Work (PoW) with bitcoin working and the other being Proof-of-Stake (PoS).

One of the most talked about blockchain applications is cryptocurrency. Cryptography is the technology behind cryptocurrencies. So having basic knowledge of hash function and good math skills will do wonders for you in this field. Also, have an understanding of Block Cryptography. Authenticated encryption and message integrity are also a must.

As we all know, Blockchain is a specific type of Database, and information is stored in blocks that are connected to another block. So overall, you need to have the concept behind storing data in blockchain technology. Here, the database that moves across the network is called a distributed ledger and the security is maintained with the help of cryptography. A blockchain developer must be aware of the actual working of data structures like linked lists, hash maps, graphs, search trees, etc.

  • Advanced Programming Language

With basic knowledge of programming languages, you must also familiarize yourself with some advanced programming languages. List of some mentioned below-

  • C++
  • Java, JavaScript
  • C#
  • Python
  • Firmness
  • To go
  • Scala
  • Kotline
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Become a blockchain developer

After acquiring the necessary development skill set, you must know what kind of blockchain developer you need to be. You can be a Blockchain Software developer or a core blockchain developer. Let’s find out what their basic job roles and responsibilities are.

Blockchain software developer

They have to build applications based on blockchain architecture and protocol. Blockchain software developers tend to create decentralized applications (DApps) and web applications. Blockchain software developers manage all front-end and back-end development.

Role of blockchain software developer:

  • Smart contract development
  • Backend and UI design development for DApps
  • Monitor the entire running DApps stack.

Core blockchain developer

These developers focus more on the core part of blockchain technology, which involves the design of the consensus protocol, security, and architecture of blockchain technology.

Core blockchain developer role –

  • Designing blockchain protocols
  • Consensus algorithms design and manage security for the network.
  • In addition, blockchain network architecture design
  • Monitor the entire network

Know smart contracts

To automate transactions, smart contracts are used in blockchain technology. Smart contracts increase the capabilities of Blockchain without any central authority. Blockchain developers need to audit and optimize smart contracts. It is essential to know the smart contract execution capabilities. As a blockchain developer, make sure to execute smart contracts only when they are expected. Smart contracts are created when specific conditions are met, and as soon as the specific conditions are met, the transaction is processed automatically.

Get familiar with decentralized applications

As a blockchain developer, you need to develop decentralized applications (DApps) using blockchain technology. There are several blockchain platforms that can be used to build DApps. Let’s learn some background about some popular blockchain platforms from below:

  • Ethereum: Study Firmness is a must if you are going to make your career in this field. Solidity plays an important role in writing smart contracts. Solidity is an object-oriented programming language quite similar to ECMA Script and JavaScript.
  • Hyperledger: It is a private Blockchain that allows to play an important role in development Hyperledger tools. You must have knowledge of two projects, namely Hyperledger Fiber and Hyperledger Composer.
  • EOS: The platform supports industrial scale applications. Also, it has more scalability and higher transaction speed like ethereum. Therefore, the application of EOS is also widespread throughout the blockchain ecosystem.
  • ANCHOR: This blockchain platform is not limited to one programming language. Therefore, a beginner programmer with knowledge of basic programming languages ​​can easily gain hands-on experience in this blockchain platform. For example, developing a DAapp on NEO, you can use JAVA and C#. This platform has a huge opportunity in digital business.

There are no specific requirements to become a Blockchain Developerbut if you are well versed in technical aspect and also have basic knowledge of decentralized system, then it will be easy for you to understand and work on this system.

Understanding blockchain security

All blockchain developers must have security skills, including Digital Signatures, cryptographic hashing, Merkle proofs, public key cryptography, private key cryptography, etc. need to know the basic details of these terms. Blockchain’s security framework is necessary for every platform and App development.

Learn to simplify complex problems

The main purpose of blockchain technology is to simplify operations. Therefore, as a Blockchain developer, must be skilled in designing and implementing solutions to bring better results for the company.


Blockchain is a revolutionary technology here to change business and display services across various business sectors. This has led many big names in the industries to explore different aspects of this technology and its multifaceted applications. It has given rise to the need for Blockchain Developers who can support the development of the platform.

According to the latest Upwork report, Blockchain engineering is the second most demanded skill by companies globally, which shows how popular this course is on the global platform. Moreover, the wider application of Blockchain in various fields such as finance, business, healthcare, etc., opens up many development opportunities for new graduates.

Learning Blockchain from scratch can seem like a daunting task. However, if you have some preliminary knowledge of programming languages, coding, and data structures, you will feel more comfortable learning about the technology. Moreover, if you have a passion to learn about Blockchain and you are ready to make a steady career in this field, then you have to go one step ahead and start learning about Blockchain.

If you want to keep up with the trends of the blockchain industry, join our community on Discord, Reddit and Telegram.

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