What are you boasting about?

Psalm 106:1 (NET), Psalm 106:2 (NET), Psalm 106:3 (NET), Psalm 106:4 (NET), Psalm 106:5 (NET), Psalm 106:43 (NET), Psalm 106:44 (NET), Psalm 106:45 (NET), Psalm 106:47 (NET), Psalm 106:48 (NET)

Have you ever wondered what loyalty and boasting has in common?

v5 Jumps out at me in this psalm! A call to boast about those things that mark us (God’s chosen people) that show where you belong!

It’s another psalm calling God’s people to community! Yet looking at the rest of the psalm recounts the failings of God’s people to boast about the wrong things!!!! Continue reading


What are you boasting about?

Psalm 52:1 (NASB), Psalm 52:7-9 (NASB)

Imagine David being tired of listening to King Saul’s boasting “Look at me… I’m so great!” that because the relationship between Saul & David was deteriating David got away to visit a friend!

Only the other day I was reminded of how different it is for Christians who live daily in relationship with Christ feel ‘out of place’ or a sense that they ‘don’t belong’ when friends (who have different values) invite them to the night club to dance the night away, or down the pub there’s an inner battle between wanting to be with friends but feeling uncomfortable in the hedonistic (self-worship) atmosphere.
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