Mid Summer Update

Can you believe it, we’re at the mid summer point!?! Don’t know about you I never look forward to this time of the year, not because it’s almost around my birthday, but because the summer will be drawing back with the onslaught of autumn coming ;-(. Continue reading


The heart God’s Community – Church

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Reflections on James 3:17-18

James sums up in an absolute nutshell God’s heart for His community – the Church!

How often do you allow yourself to worry more about what others think of you?

Getting on with others is not a fruit of worrying what others think of you!

Likewise a ‘robust’ community is not one forever looking over peoples shoulders as to who’s toes am I treading on!

Where does it start?

Holy life in other words our behaviour characterized by first and foremost a life that desires fully to bring joy first to God’s heart and then as a consequence the community thing will fall into place!

You will overflow with mercy and blessings!
You will live right!
You will (desire) to keep short accounts
You will get along with others with dignity and honour!

What are you boasting about?

Psalm 106:1 (NET), Psalm 106:2 (NET), Psalm 106:3 (NET), Psalm 106:4 (NET), Psalm 106:5 (NET), Psalm 106:43 (NET), Psalm 106:44 (NET), Psalm 106:45 (NET), Psalm 106:47 (NET), Psalm 106:48 (NET)

Have you ever wondered what loyalty and boasting has in common?

v5 Jumps out at me in this psalm! A call to boast about those things that mark us (God’s chosen people) that show where you belong!

It’s another psalm calling God’s people to community! Yet looking at the rest of the psalm recounts the failings of God’s people to boast about the wrong things!!!! Continue reading