Confident faith

As I read this psalm I see a man, King David so confident of his faith, so loyal to His God!

In the midst of this, could it be that King David is questioning his authority or pleading his case with His God? See v. 10!

I dont know about you, but for me I often find it relatively easy to express in worship declaring aloud the goodness of God! I will even wake up in the morning declaring his praise aloud! And then as you go through the day something out of the blue hits you that knocks you for six and causes you to question God’s ability to overcome!

Perhaps its an inner battle you are facing or a circumstance at work or school?

Go back to your source! In v. 12 David clearly acknowledges well actually despite his own misgivings the reality is all he can do is cry out to God as one who is not just totally confident in His God but also totally dependant!

Go back to Him this day and ask yourself not just how much you know that God your confidence is in him but also learn that in those difficult situations confess that you depend on Him and enter a new level of trust in your God to overcome!


Gaining confidence

Ps. 27

Do you sometimes feel that everyone is against you? Or you’re on your own the only Christian in your class or work? Peer pressure is pressing in around you and you feel the pressure to conform despite knowing it will lead you down the wrong path?

V1 opens with a double question where the answer is the same: whom shall I fear? Or dread? The answer is contained in this psalm – Where is your direction coming from? “if the Lord is your light and salvation…” yes you CAN HAVE CONFIDENCE! (v3)

Some keys to gaining confidence is about getting His perspective, by:
1. Learning His ways; (v3 & v11) when you’re feeling alone, everyone is against you even more we need to have Confidence “because of our enemies) as a testimony to Father God who IS at work in your life! Even more we need to ask Him to “teach us Your way” (v11)
2. Know that you belong to the King (v4) – it’s all to easy forget where we belong – especially when isolated, feeling alone. Because of Christ you can come into Father’s presence – meditate on his words – hear His acceptance – You Belong!
3. Wait & be strong (v14) don’t despair but expect to see the evidence of what God is doing in your situation (v13). Allow his strength to comfort and rise up within you! Don’t be anxious! Keep before the Lord your God! Be strong! Wait! See his goodness in whatever situation you find yourself in!

Dear Father God,
Help me to remember not to be anxious or despair because of the times I feel alone or nothing seems to be working. Help me realise this day that I belong to you, help me to see the evidence that you are working in my situation that I may be strong because you are with me! In Jesus name, Amen.