Make God Famous (Psalm 145)

What are you doing everyday? Do you see your job as mundane, unmotivating or boring? If we focus on the wrong things, like things that don’t inspire or give hope will dictate how we live! Continue reading


What you know defines you!

Psalm 100:1 (AMP), Psalm 100:2 (AMP), Psalm 100:3 (AMP), Psalm 100:4 (AMP), Psalm 100:5 (AMP)

Psalm 100 is a short psalm and a great one to meditate on!

I wonder this morning what is it that defines you?

Often what we think, and value ourselves will win our loyalty and focus! It is true to say that we will always make time for that which we value!!

Consider v3; Know that the Lord is God! It is a simple statement loaded with stuff! In our mind is where it all starts as I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “from the head to the heart” is sometimes the most difficult and longest journey isn’t it!?!

Let’s go deeper: the Amplified helps us by qualifying the original word in hebrew by adding verbs, perceive, recognize and understand with approval.

know what? God simply put is:
1. LORD that is YAWEH, the I AM able to be for you more than anything else.
2. God made YOU! YOU are CREATED by him for fellowship with him!

Our response then surely must be as in v1,2 & 4:
1. Make a joyful noise to the LORD. love the word noise cause it doesn’t matter if you’re not even in tune 🙂 (v1)
2. with gladness take opporunity to come into his presence with singing and out of that is a natural desire to serve HIM (v2)
3. Be thankful, with affectionate praise – Father loves to hear your praise and thanks! (v4)

Finally then ask the LORD today that you may really know him because knowing the LORD is really what defines us – it will change your focus today!

What is defining YOU today? Is your focus in the right place?

“…let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles and run the race…” (Hebrews 12:1)

Key is to KNOW in your mind and allow HIS Spirit to bring revelation into your heart so that you understand fully!

King of your heart?

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Psalm 97:1 (NLT), Psalm 97:4 (NLT), Psalm 97:6 (NLT), Psalm 97:7 (NLT), Psalm 97:8 (NLT), Psalm 97:10 (NLT), Psalm 97:11 (NLT), Psalm 97:12 (NLT)

I wonder who IS king in your life? In other words where do you get your ultimate authority from?

In this Psalm we see two authorities:
1. (v1) The LORD who IS king! note the hebrew here for LORD will be Yaweh, refering to God’s name, “I AM” – he is the I AM of all you need!
2. (v7) false authority, “worthless idols” which are not just personal but have wide influence across a comunity or nations, “for every god must bow to him.”

The rest of this song (psalm) we can see the futility of submitting to worthless authority, not only that but the insecurity of taking our focus of the ONE TRUE KING onto these other gods actually ultimately brigs embarrasment, disgrace and discredit! (v7) and of course ultimate judgement!

See the promise of having our focus, trust and believe on the one authority who is for you totally! Have you heard yet? If so what is your response? (v8) Jerusalem heard and rejoiced! Today, allow the LORD to shine on you as you ask for his help to LIVE DIFFERENTLY – that’s really what vv10-12 are talking about! those who know their KING live Godly lives they LIVE DIFFERENTLY – Light & Joy (v11) follows you, people will be drawn to that and surely have to respond like Jerusalem in (v8)!