Hope vanished?

Job’s reply – Job 16,17 – Job was taunted by Satan, though he didn’t realise it at the time.

The Bible tells us that Satan roams the earth looking for Christ’s ofspring (followers) to disrupt, kill and destroy. And he is not even obvious often masquerading as an ‘Angel of Light’!

Job gives us real insight into what happens when satan is given almost free reign in a believer’s life!

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Motivation: Looking forward in faith!

Looking forward with faith!

  • Hebrews 11:1, 10, 16 (NET)

I wonder what it is that you are looking forward to? Perhaps you dream of a new house, home, marriage, children, better job? All these things are good, but somewhat temporary. Anyway of those things you’re looking forward to is any of it certain, are you convinced that it may happen or is it a might or maybe one day kinda thing?  Continue reading

Expectant waiting

Reflecting on Psalm 25.

All of us put our trust in things, people even concepts everyday whether it’s in the bus or car to get us to where we need to be, our health or in the Internet for work and even for our social networking fix!

The best security comes however when we trust the one who made us and holds everything together!

V3 talks of a hope (niv) there is when we trust God compared to the consequences of walking away from God. We see from the original meaning (see Amplified Bible) this hope is not just loose but both real and expectant and comes with waiting!

So how much more do we need God to “show us his ways” & “guide us in truth” that we can expectantly live in real hope that he IS at work in our life!(v4)

If you’re not sure, perhaps you need to renew your hope by acknowledging you need Jesus in your life. He is the one who brings you into a trusting relationship with God, at the cross he took your rebellion and took it to the grave so we can know we are forgiven as we confess the enemy can no longer hold that rebellion against you! That is what the bible calls Salvation it gives us real hope for living from now…

Are you forgiven? Ask God to be real to you today, acknowledge Jesus went to that cross for you taking your rebellion, saying “God I don’t need you” that today you change and say “help me Lord I need you in my life, I confess my sin and ask that you would live with me today in the centre of my being and change me from the inside out one bit at a time – Lord I put my trust and all my hope in you, in Jesus name, Amen”