Overcoming Life’s circumstances

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Reflections from Phillippians 4:4-8
A consequence of knowing real peace, starts with gentleness of heart & contentment out of a joy of knowing “The Lord is near” (v5)

When life’s circumstances get the better of us or we allow those thoughts of “everyone’s against me” breeds the opposite of peace and contentment!

A key to addressing wrong thinking is simply in everything (especially the thing that cause us stress and anxiety) to bring them to Father God and to:
1. Rejoice always, not in your situation necessarily, sure that can be hard sometimes – but to rejoice in the Lord all the time – He changes not! (v4)
2. Know the Lord is near! He is with you totally, He has never left your! You can turn to him today! (v5b)
3. Talk to the Lord about your situation, life your circumstances – realize this! He is actually interested in YOU! (v6)
4. meditate on those things that give you life (v8)
5. Do you have a mentor? someone to disciple you and help you grow? One to One support? (v9)


Living with integrity means…

Psalm 101:1 (NLT), Psalm 101:2 (NLT), Psalm 101:3 (NLT), Psalm 101:4 (NLT), Psalm 101:5 (NLT), Psalm 101:6 (NLT), Psalm 101:7 (NLT), Psalm 101:8 (NLT), John 14:6 (NLT)

Have you ever said or heard it said “I can’t change this is the way I am, when Lord will you help me to overcome?”

This psalm is a challenge to the people of God to LIVE DIFFERENTLY!

We’ll come back to v2a, but first lets consider the areas that because of v1 the areas we are called to live different:

1. (v2b) Integrity starts in your own home, in other words when one is on their own in their own room – no one else just you! Therefore the first call is to Integrity! The dictionary defines integrity as: “adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty” Not just in public, church, work and ministry but in that private place!

2. (v3) In that private place, in your home: living with integrity means a point blank refusal to “look at anything vile or vulgar” being careful what your eyes see whether it’s on TV, the internet, magazines! Pornography is one of the biggest killers of relationships, marriages and ministry. The psalmist is really straight here “I will have nothing to do with them” put them out.

3. (v4) Integrity means rejecting perverse ideas and stay away from evil. Who we gather around us will be an influence, sometimes we get ideas, Integrity helps us to filter out the good from the not good!

4. (v5) Integrity means no to slander, conceit or pride – these things spoil relationship. Live in with integrity in your relationships.

5. (v6) Integrity seeks out faithful people, for your friends – actually not just aquaintences here but real companions, for fellowship. Surround yourself with healthy influence!

6. (v7) Integrity is careful who you let into your house, into the inner place of your life. Not that we shouldn’t have outside friends but when it comes to influences ensure your aquaintences are healthy Be an Influencer not someone who’s easily led astray into deception.

Ok, that sounds heavey! Let’s go back to v2, and the opening of the psalm saying, “Lord when will you help me?” Sure the LORD desires us to live differently, to live with integrity but the Bible says He’s not left us alone! The Holy Spirit is for those who have accepted Jesus Christ to help us to LIVE DIFFERENTLY, to live with integrity!
Jesus said he is the Way, the Truth and the Life (Jn 14:6) He did it, and through asking for His Holy Spirit in HIS strength we can too!

Ask Jesus to fill you today to help you to live differently! Confess with your lips where you’ve not lived with integrity in that secret place, you may need to get help from a trusted Christian friend, pastor or minister here to pray with you. And finally, it’s true one can’t change on their own but with the LORD we can!