It’s all about perspective

1 John 4:1 – 19

It is all to easy to make decisions based on who is shouting loudest!

Even today in Christian circles many preachers stand up and though preaching a well-meaning message something is not quite right or perhaps we hear something different to that which is being said!?!

Some keys:
1. God has given us a conscience, a mind to reason right from wrong! (V1) determine or discern in your spirit what is right. Most of the time our conscience tells us! And God quickens our conscience – Don’t ignore it, but bring it to God!

2. Jesus in you is greater than he that is in the world! (v5) The world’s perspective may sometimes shout loudest but at the end of the day listen for Father God’s perspective! Perhaps get on the mountaintop with Christ and see afresh!

3. God’s love in us, Amplified! (v12) worked out in our relationships, worked out in our security (v17-18) and that means confidence and peace in this world through whatever is thrown at us!

Dear Father God,
Help me today to make decisions from the mountain-top based on your perspective rather than merely reacting to that of what I see around me. Fill me up with your love and help me to live it with the confidence and security it brings. In Jesus name, Amen.


When the going get’s tough

Ps. 30:
You’ve heard the phrase, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” it is all to easy when life is all hunky-dory, secure and safe, we have no worries and take perhaps God for granted – yet when things go wrong or bad things happen God get’s the blame!

This Psalm is written as a dedication song for the Temple, yet consider this: King David never saw the temple yet this psalm is ascribed to King David!

Sometimes bad things will happen even to good people! How do we push through those bad times? Do we continue to hang onto the living God, cling onto our focus of where we’re headed? David’s focus in the bad times was the Temple which enabled him to say that even if he suffers and keeps quiet then who will proclaim God’s faithfulness?(v9)

In the hard times, remind yourself of how and when God has been faithful! consider the bigger picture:
1. know your sins are forgiven, yes, God hates sin, that he can’t look at us – yet look at the promise, v5; ‘his anger lasts for a moment, yet his favour lasts a lifetime’ is that not a glorious picture of someone who repents and turns back to God – Acts 3:19 says, repent and turn to God so that times of refreshing may come! and that refreshing, favour lasts forever!!!
2. bad times in perspective: in the light of eternity consider how those difficult times fall into insignificance in the light of the joy that is coming, ‘in the morning with a shout’! (v11) the sorrow will be turned around!
3. Stand strong in His favour! (v7) Yes you can stand strong as you live in his perspective.

Live in fresh perspective today, know that God’s favour is upon you as you come to him this day. Don’t live by the phrase, “When the going get’s tough the tough get going” instead live by the knowledge and revelation that with Jesus in your heart he will give you the strength to get through it – he’s faithful!!!