You are what you look at… (Matt 6)

It is all too easy to get distracted with things in life and end up valuing those things more than the relationships we have around us!

It is the same with our relationship with God. Jesus in this passage of Ch 6 of Matthew exhorts us how to pray – but why do we need to hear the Lord’s exhortation?I believe the key verse in this chapter is found in verse 20-21, and starts with a ‘But’ and continues, ‘…store up for yourselves treasures in heaven. … (V21) for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

We are so easily destracted with things, wrong relationships, even ego – when all the Father wants is our time, just you and him together!!

If today you’re struggling for direction in your life, do a heart check — where is your focus? Where is your treasure? What do you value and does what you value have eternal lasting value?

V22 what you see with your eyes gives you a choice and will ultimately land your focus and direction for your life. If we constantly concern ourselves with what is unhealthy, placing our focus in the wrong areas we will struggle to spend time with Father God, to pray and get that alone time with him!

I know for me, as I start this new year (2016) I have been focusing in the wrong areas, looking with the eyes of fear rather than hope that we have in Christ. The Lord is asking of me to spend quality time with him, to receive His focus, to store up treasures in heaven and not get distracted by life’s things, circumstance and wrong relationships.

Perhaps, like me you need to spend some time before the Lord, repenting, and making a renewed committment this year to take time out regularly to be in that alone space, just you and God. To get into a new rythymn of life, one that has eternal value!

One way, may be to ensure at the start of the year, you give a weekend to get away on a short retreat, leaving technology behind!


Wonderful Ways

Psalm 17

Why don’t we talk to God as much as we should? I’m challenged as I read this just how much more I need to pray! v6, “I am praying to you, because I know you will answer, oh God…” (NLT) – the next verse, “Show me your unfailing love in wonderful ways.”

Prayer is natural response to needing a relationship with God!
David recognised:
1/ his need (v1) as king the responsibility on his own was too big!
2/ clean heart (v2,3). In Jesus we know sins are forgiven we can be right with God! (1 John 1:9)
3/ walking in truth (v4,5) Holy Spirit gives us power to live differently the law is written on our hearts (John 14:21 – if you love me you will obey me)

Now get life in perspective! V9ff David knew he could trust the Lord in everything!especially with his enemies!

In prayer consider vv 6-8;

1/ know the Lord will hear you! He loves to hear you talk to him!! (v6)
2/ ask God to show his unfailing love in wonderful ways as you go about today! (v7)
3/ know just how much God is for you not against you! (v8)

Write down today the different ways you see His love revealed to you!