Pride hinders!

Luke 10: 11 & 20

Imagine seeing great things done in Jesus name – miracles, healing the sick which is and continues to be evidence for God’s Kingdom on earth!

In to verses here; v11 & v20 I want to consider an aspect of pride in the believer and unbeliever!

Firstly, the believer:
It is so easy to get caught up in the moment and the danger is we go out again and do it in the same way. It is like our Pride or ego gives us a formula for seeing God’s kingdom come. Pride for the believer leads to formulas and set stratergies for how to do things – becoming less about Jesus and more about our fine programmes! The answer, is in v.20 to always come back to the source! Its not about me its all about Jesus!

Today, stop rushing to the latest Christian fad for your fix – instead spend time with Jesus – read scripture and think on what he would like to say to you – Let him surprise you!

Secondly, the unbeliever;
Just because you dont believe, even though you have perhaps seen the miraculous doesn’t mean its not true! v11 puts it quite harshly – you have heard, ignored yet God’s Kingdom has and will still come! Ultimately again it is pride that gets in the way saying “I don’t need God can do this on my own!”

Today, do not harden your hear as you did in times of being anti God, instead drop your pride and see what God does!



Don’t let pride win?

Reflections on Rev 16:9,15,21 & Acts 3:19 (NET)

To what extent does Father God have to do to win people from the enemey’s grip?

  • Come down and show us how to live, DONE
  • Forgive us for choosing wrong, DONE
  • Help us to live again, renewed. DONE

Yet the biggest thing that hinders us acknowledging Father God and what he’s done is PRIDE!

Look at this chapter! God sends plagues to make life difficult with the purpose that people would cry out to God for help. But instead human PRIDE got in the way to repentance.

There is still a promise to those who repent (Acts 3:19) times of refreshing. Walk in it! Rev 16:9 be blessed is to daily walk in repentance and then times of refreshing will be your fragrance!

Repentance= to turn away, u-turn walking out a new way of thinking and acting. The old has gone, the new has come.

Father God, don’t let my pride get in the way of following you, as if I know best. Help me this day to daily acknowledge you and walk out in repentance to live my life in away that brings you joy – blessing not a curse – that I may be continually refreshed in the power of your Holy Spirit that helps me to live every second to bring you joy. In Jesus name, Amen.

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No God, no peace

Reflecting on Psalm 10. It seems the wicked prosper… In their business dealings they make no reference to God, overlooking the less fortunate… forsaking injustice:

The biggest stumbling block to unbelief is Pride because it says that in pride “people do not seek him” or “they make no room for God” yes without God people still prosper, but to what motive? When Jesus challenged the rich young ruler to go sell everything and give away to the poor he went away sad! Pride hinders us from seeing the very heart of God for people and consequently miss out on knowing real peace!

Allow God this day to expose pride and allow him to let his compassion & love fill you – make room for Jesus in your life today!

Know God, Know Peace!