Fix your eyes upon Jesus

Acts 7:55-60

I’m reminded this morning of the classic chorus;

Turn your eyes upon Jesus
Look full in His wonderful face
And the things of earth
Will grow strangely dim
In the light of His glory and grace

Simple words, yet prophetic words for our time. I’m drawn to Stephen in Acts 7, who gave an amazing account to the religious leaders yet he was killed. However, it is true to say that He looked into the face of Jesus whilst being stoned to death perhaps oblivious to what was happening around him as he looked into Jesus face the things around him grew strangely dim!

Today, many believers are being persecuted for their faith in Jesus and ever more today do we need to ‘Fix our eyes on Jesus’. It is hard not to consider believers in Iraq that so need our prayers.

One of the reasons I believe christians fear, or are afraid to speak out is because we haven’t had full revelation of who Jesus is!

My prayer today is for you to look into Jesus face, spend time there and pray that Father God gives you greater revelation of who Jesus is, as you look into his face and see a heavenly perspective so that the things that trouble or hassle grow strangely dim because of a deeper revelation of the living Jesus made known in our hearts!

Finally, a challenge to singer/songwriters to write a modern contemporary worship song version of the chorus, “Turn your eyes upon Jesus…” a hymn written back in 1922, by Helen H. Lemmel

Song, “Turn your eyes upon Jesus” © Words: 1922 New Spring, Small Stone Media BV, Holland (Admin. in the UK/Eire by Song Solutions Music: 2003 Consuming Fire Music, Small Stone Media BV, Holland (Admin. in the UK/Eire by Song Solutions CCLI# 4027218

God’s heart is for his people – Always!!

Each subsequent generation of Israel always seem to falter, yet each time God in his loving kindness towards his people provides redemption.

Consider the principles seen in these verses:

1. Rebellion is evil in the Lord’s sight. (v7)

2. Judgement – consequence of sin, God hands over the people to live amongst the ungodly to see if they really choose that way how they get on!! (v8)

3. Repentance – change of heart, cry out to the Lord for help. Realisation that this life they’ve chosen for themselves is totally hopeless, and actually they need God! (v9)

4. Prophetic – God raises up a prophetic voice, to bring redemption – God hears their cries and in his mercy responds! God is always for his people! (v9-10)

5. Anointing – to be delivered into safety and have victory. God’s heart is for his people to live in victory and walk in the ways of God (lifestyle) (v10)

Is this not a picture of salvation in Christ? Today we have the Holy Spirit to help us to walk daily in the things of God. Perhaps too, God has brought prophetic people into your life to help you redeem the path he has called you to walk in.

Thank you Lord for the signposts you put daily in my life to keep me in your ways. Help me daily to choose to walk with you that I may know your anointing everyday. And help me to pass it on to subsequent generations I have the privilege to encourage. In Jesus name, Amen.

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