You’re special!

Theres an old children’s song that goes, “I’m special because God has loved me, and he gave the best thing that he had to save me. His own son Jesus crucified to take the blame for all the bad things I have done… Thank you Jesus thank you Lord for loving me so much…” (E&OE)

This Psalm captures the heart of God for the prize of His creation – You! There is no other creature – bird, animal or fish in the sea which shares the same platform before God when it comes to the Human Race!

Consider Father gold holding you as his prize, you’re in his palm, he is smiling over you! What is your response today?


In the morning…

Psalm 5:3 (NIVUK)

How is your attitude in the morning? Its so easy to complain about yet another mundane day, yet is not good if the first thing in the morning to talk to Father God. The words of the psalmist say that in the morning the Lord hear’s your voice! A yearning when I wake up to talk to Father God about the day and to wait with expectation for what the Lord would reveal to you for the new day. A brand new day with God never to be repeated! Dear Lord help me to wait expectantly for you this day and not waste the opportunities you give me!