Revival comes through…

Some reflections on Psalm 119:

How we live or rather the way we live totally reflects our faith! Lifestyle is linked with what we put our faith in! Revival and lifestyle therefore is fostered when we understand that God’s word into our life brings life itself!

Lifestyle and faith go hand in hand!

What is it that brings revival?

#1 love for God’s word! hearing his word speak to our hearts! (v25)

#2 applying God’s word to our hearts! Waling out his word! It’s all over this psalm, v26, 33, 35 …

#3 Rejoice and take delight in walking by God’s word active in our lives. (v14, 16)

As I conclude I am reminded of the famous hymn:
Take my life, and let it be consecrated O Lord to thee… take my hands and my feet… let them move…

My prayer is my lifestyle is revived because of falling in love with God’s word, that I may choose daily to delight in applying His word in my life daily.

Jesus, more love, more power, more of you in my life and less of me. Amen.


Keep me from time wasting

Turn_my_eyes.JPGWhat do you value?

Psalms 119:37 (NET)

So often we talk of revival yet our focus is all to often drawn away to other distractions! Yes?

This morning v37 hit me! How often do we get distracted by worthless things – and I don’t necessarily mean inappropriate material but even the everyday distractions like checking out the latest smart phones, or the new car specs we dream about owning one day!

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