Interview with Philippa Hanna

A few weeks ago I caught up with Philippa Hanna on tour supporting Anastacia. We found out more about Philippa Hanna, her life, her music, family life. What inspires her to write music. Monday morning I shared my time with Philippa Hanna with Wendy Grace on the Morning Show on Spirit Radio. Here the interview in full via the Spirit Radio mixcloud account:


Roll Out Challenge – Spirit Radio

Roll Out ChallengeI have now been with Spirit Radio and in Ireland for just over 6 years. And Spirit Radio has been broadcasting on FM and MW around the country for 5 years. Spirit Radio has a national licence to broadcast Christian Radio across Ireland, yet we need finance to extend our reach beyond the 8 transmission sites we currently have.

Spirit Radio have just launched ‪#‎RollOutChallenge‬ with listeners estimated at over 200,000 across the country, if every listener took part donating just €5 we could increase our reach across the country!

After 5 years we are We have some good news. After a two year battle, the licences for Kilkenny, Carlow and Athlone have just been released. Agreements for use of masts are in place. We need to urgently raise €20K for some of the equipment still needed.

We have always believed that Christian Radio should be funded by a lot of people all doing a little. The “Spirit Radio Roll Out Challenge” is a simple fundraising tool that we have created. We hope it will mobilise thousands and help us launch broadcasting in Kilkenny, Carlow and Athlone. 

Act now, at the rollout challenge website, I have done it, will you?