Richie at Summer Madness 2016

It was a weekend in Glenarm Estate, Co. Antrim, a beautiful part of the country. The coastal drive to Glenarm is stunning.

Summer Madness had around 2000 participants from across the whole island of Ireland, both North and South and although it was probably the wettest Summer Madness, certainly I’ve ever been too, it was exciting to see so many young people inspired to follow after their faith in Jesus.

This year i took up a mini studio, and set up in the exhibition area, using 3G data connection I was able to record my show from Summer Madness!

I am excited to say I had some fantastic guests on the show, including finding out about Toilet Twinning, a new initiative for 100days of prayer for a 100 years from 24/7 prayer movement, and a whole load of other stuff. If you missed the show then you can listen back here. It’s now on mixcloud.

In addition to recording my show, i did a various number of interviews and I hope to bring them to you in the coming months on Spirit Radio, mostly when I have to ‘pop up’ for a night time talk show.

I will post links to the different organisations later.


News Update Summer 2014

Really excited as we are now well into summer, the weather is actually pretty good here in ireland! Got a fairly busy time coming up this month first though a quick look at the last few months high lights!

Heaven is for real – movie release in Ireland

I was so excited to have been able to partner with Sony Pictures to help promote the national movie release across Ireland with Spirit Radio. Sony provided a special preview screening for our listeners for free. It was a great event to see largely our supporters watch the pre-release of this movie returning enthused to promote back in their parishes and church groups.

My next challenge is to see the God is Not Dead movie released here in Ireland – watch this space!

Holly Starr interview and podcast available

It was a great joy to interview Holly Starr on the June Bank Holiday, actually through skype she joined with me for the whole hour it was like having a great co-presenter. If you haven’t yet heard the podcast do catch it whilst its still available. Holly’s new single, God is… is such an inspiration as is the young Holly Starr herself, discovered by a producer through her church submitting a you tube video!

Summer Madness 2014 – Glenarm Castle Co. Antrim

What a joy it is to spread my wings and help to promote Spirit Radio up in Northern Ireland. I had many a young person join me on the couch for a short interview, one parent said it was the high light of their weekend! A high light for me was seeing young people coming from across the country (north and south) catholics and protestants uniting under the banner of Christ. On saturday night we were joined by three politicians from the province, including the newly appointed Lord Mayer of Belfast, including standing together on the stage from the Alliance Party, Sinn Fein. These politicians said that since being and mixing with the young people at SM they said the future of this country is bright because of the young people. I have a tear of joy in my eye as I write this. To see young people standing against the tribalism of the past, the anger and hatred that satan is trying to destroy this country through the likes of the Orange order marches (and sorry if that offends but personally if that offends then you need to hear how utterly selfish, steeped in pride and arrogance these marches constitute) it upsets me to drive in the North and see much of the symbolisms of the past creating a real fear and insecurity rather than a hope, security and unity that can only come through a united people that love one another regardless of background, believe and political views. My prayer is for the younger generation for the boldness to live differently with the past behind and looking forward to a new future! [rant from my heart over]

I really hope that in future years I can see a Spirit Radio team at SM with the possibility of seeing some kind of FM broadcasts that can be broadcast over Spirit Radio.

Church – youth and children’s ministry

Can’t believe I have been in ireland now for approaching 5 years, and I’m still part of the church in Dun Loaghaire continuing to prayerfully shape the youth and children’s ministry. I’m excited as we approach the autumn as we look together at the vision and direction for us as a fellowship. Please pray for me as we gather momentum and discernment for the children & youth programme going into the autumn.

Radio Active – 6 – 13 July

A number of years ago, actually about 5 years ago, heck time goes quick, when I first attended the Radio course run by Radio Worldwide in Rothwell, Leeds! This year I’m back, and really excited to have the opportunity to share with students on the course and on the Monday I’m giving a lecture on Social Media in Radio prayer’s much appreciated. I will be there just for the first week and the first weekend of the practical week of Rothwell Carnival Radio. In addition I will need to be looking after my responsibilities at Spirit Radio through the magic of remote connections!

Rest of the summer

What about the rest of the summer, well i will be working and praying through the cirriculumn for the children/youth ministry at church. Hoping to do some radio summer workshops for Spirit Radio. And then really looking forward to attending the annual Christian Music Broadcasters conference Momentum in Orlando – so excited to be part of that. Praying that I find accommodation for this trusting God and then after will hopefully enjoy a bit of a vacation break.