Keep me from time wasting

Turn_my_eyes.JPGWhat do you value?

Psalms 119:37 (NET)

So often we talk of revival yet our focus is all to often drawn away to other distractions! Yes?

This morning v37 hit me! How often do we get distracted by worthless things – and I don’t necessarily mean inappropriate material but even the everyday distractions like checking out the latest smart phones, or the new car specs we dream about owning one day!

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I just want to be valued!

Psalms 116:1 – 15 (NET)

All of us desire to be valued by friends and family. Yet people do fail us, for no particular fault of their own, life gets busy much of the time. How do you know when friends truly value you? We can learn so much from the writer of this psalm who shows us a glimpse of how much God values us!

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