Top 10 Leading Women In The Blockchain Space

Today, not only men are making progress in the blockchain world but also women are making a big impact and participating in the blockchain space. Although the blockchain sector is still dominated by men, more and more women are entering the ‘Technological World’ and leaving behind many stereotypes and false beliefs placed on surname.

Influential women in blockchain

Now let’s dig deeper to know about the top 10 women who have made their niche in the blockchain space and are making an incredible difference. Without a doubt, these women are an inspiration to many female entrepreneurs.

1. Elizabeth Stark

She is the co-founder and CEO of Lightning Labs. Lightning Labs is a company that is building the next generation of decentralized financial infrastructure. Lightning is an open protocol layer that makes blockchain scalable and flexible to support a new wave of financial applications. Lightning Network is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Bitcoin that allows users to utilize payment channels and payment routing with low fees and fast speeds. Stark led the Lighting Lab and the development of the lightning network. Stark aims to help Bitcoin reach a point where it will be accepted by the general public for both small and large scale retail purchases. She is also a fellow researcher at the Coin Center, a leading nonprofit research and advocacy center that focuses on public policy issues related to cryptocurrencies and non-computing technologies. centralized like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Elizabeth Stark holds a PhD in Jurisprudence from Harvard. She has taught at Yale and Stanford. Elizabeth Stark is definitely a highly regarded contributor to the blockchain space.

2. Sally Eaves

Salle Eaves is credited with many professional talents. She is an excellent author and a keynote speaker who appears regularly at blockchain technology conferences and more broadly to tell people about the benefits of disruptive technologies like blockchain when applied as a solution. for social problems. She has applied her skills to a variety of senior positions at leading technology companies and has held the roles of Global Strategy Advisor, Chief Technology Officer and Professor of Practice. Eaves sits on the Forbes Technology Council, an organization that invites only senior executives. She is actively involved as an advisor or mentor for various blockchain platforms and startups. Sally Eaves is an asset of the blockchain space. She won the FrontierWomen50 Women’s Decade Award. She was also one of the shortlisted candidates for the UK IT Year Enterprise Role Model Award.

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3. Galia Benartzi

Galia Benartzi graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 2005. She is an expert in economics and business and is the co-founder and head of business development of Bancor, an innovative company that has created a decentralized liquidity network for the creation of Smart Contracts. Bancor redesigns the way people create and share value as it ensures continuous on-chain liquidity between blockchain-based assets. The Bancor protocol allows smart contracts to connect to the liquidity network for constant liquidity in the ecosystem. Her company raised the highest number of ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) of all time by raising $153 million in funding. Galia Benartzi has extensive FinTech and business experience.

4. Rhian Lewis

Rhian Lewis is the co-founder and co-developer of CountmyCrypto, a crypto portfolio tracker launched in 2014. She studied at University College, London and graduated with 2nd degree in Economics. She is a co-host of London Women in Bitcoin. She owns a blog called Medium, where she writes about blockchain technology. She also provides blockchain training and consulting services. She is an instructor for the B9Lab Ethereum Quality Assurance Engineer course.

5. Manju Mohan

Manju Mohan has graduated from Western University and has experience as a strategist and implementer in blockchain technology. She is the co-CEO and co-founder of Ionixx technology. It is a holistic development company that works with startups and fast-growing companies as a technology execution partner. It is a technology development company focused on mobile and cloud technologies that help digitize businesses. One of its most recent projects is to apply blockchain technology to the education credential verification process for hiring managers and businesses.

6. Piper Moretti

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Piper Moretti is CEO of Crypto Realty Group. This is a Los Angeles-based company that specializes in cryptocurrency real estate transactions. Piper Moretti is an international luxury real estate broker licensed in one of the largest luxury real estate brokerage firms in the world, Christie’s International Luxury Real Estate. She has a deep passion for the cryptocurrency sector. She is a consultant at Block66 and CPROP. She assists clients in finding and selling crypto assets in and out of Los Angeles.

7. Rachel Wolfson

She is a crypto and blockchain journalist and also a host at the ‘badcrypto’ podcast. She is a contributor at Forbes, Huffington Post. She has motivated many passionate and experienced women to write about technology around the world. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and holds a Bachelor’s degree (English, Government). She holds a master’s degree from Tel Aviv University in Security and Diplomacy. She is a blockchain expert and a board advisor for a blockchain-based supply chain management company. She was recently named as one of the top five women working to change the crypto world.

8. Elizabeth McCauley

She contributed to the mass adoption of Bitcoin in the US. She has served as an intern and staff assistant to the US congressmen. She graduated with a degree in political science from Wheaton College. Until March 2018, she was a member of the Board of Directors at the Bitcoin Foundation. She is currently a blockchain business development and marketing consultant at various companies. She is also an advisor at the BitGive Foundation and Coin Congress.

9. Maxine Ryan

She is the Co-Founder and COO at Bitspark. Bitspark is a bankless remittance ecosystem that helps people and businesses transfer and withdraw cryptocurrency across Asia and Africa. Her passion for Bitcoin developed while she was pursuing a degree in international relations in Australia. Due to her great interest in blockchain, Maxine dropped out just six months before graduating to pursue her dream. Soon after, she started a business in Hong Kong.

10. Mihriban Ersin Tekmen

She is COO and co-founder at Colendi. Colendi is a decentralized cross-border credit scoring platform that uses blockchain technology to provide a secure and democratic service to the FinTech world. It changes the definition of banking. She is the co-founder of Fintechtime. This is an independent publication that provides the latest insights and analysis into the ever-evolving world of fintech. It helps readers stay up to date with the latest technology trends.

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Women are making a big impact on the blockchain space and are also creating an avenue for other women to join. As a disruptive technology, blockchain will impact many industries in the coming years. Women will certainly have a significant role in the blockchain revolution. Until recently, the number of women in technology-related fields was significantly lower than that of men. But that doesn’t mean it will stay that way. Having the right people is key. This benefits any business in any industry. Only the best teams will help you achieve your bigger goals, create the best products and serve your customers in the best way possible. Knowledge is what the blockchain industry demands today as knowledge leads to maturity and the blockchain space needs to grow. This knowledge is necessary for blockchain technology to be properly adopted and managed. This is precisely why the current trend of the emergence of female thought leaders in blockchain must be encouraged.

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