What is NFT game Axie Infinity ?

What is NFT game Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is a blockchain game developed by Vietnamese game studio Sky Mavis. It is also a remarkable NFT game by establishing a new genre called “Play-to-Earn” where token profits can be obtained by playing the game.

In the game, two types of Ethereum-based native tokens “AXS (Axie Infinity Shards)” and “SLP (Smooth Love Potion)” will be distributed. Obtain, raise, and collect NFT monsters called Axie, and proceed with the game centered on battles with other players.

You can earn tokens by battle and win the Axie that has been strengthened by training, or you can breed two types of Axie to create and sell a new Axie, and earn profits in various ways.

Axie Infinity has been the most active blockchain game today since it was released in 2018. It has also become one of the most popular NFT games, with Axie Infinity’s NFT being the most traded on the NFT Marketplace.

Axie Infinity was originally developed on the main chain of Ethereum, but since the repeated soaring gas charges (transaction fees) have hindered the progress of the game, it is a unique product that costs almost no gas charges after that. It has moved to the side chain “Ronin” of.

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Axie Infinity game content

Axie Infinity is an orthodox training game with a long history as a game. Raise a monster called Axie as your pet, fight it, collect various species, and sometimes breed it. It is also possible to purchase Land and build a kingdom on the extension of the battle.

The big difference between Axie Infinity and traditional games is that it utilizes NFTs. Axie and Land are all generated as NFTs and are wholly owned by the player.

Digital assets published as NFTs can be bought and sold on the marketplace and easily accessed by third parties. Therefore, in the future, it will be possible to build unique tools and game scenarios in the world of Axie Infinity.

Axie Infinity is not only a gameplay, but also a social network and a source of income. In the Axie Infinity ecosystem, players are rewarded with tokens based on their contribution. It’s the core of Play-to-Earn, where you can make money by playing.

In Axie Infinity’s Play-to-Earn, AXS tokens or SLP tokens are given depending on the contribution. The game requires this AXS and SLP at key points, and since both tokens are virtual currencies, it is also possible to buy and sell on the virtual currency exchange.

The basis of the game is a battle by Axie, but the battle has an “adventure” mode in which you play against a computer and an “arena” mode in which you play against other players.

Axie has four characteristics (status): physical strength (HP), morale, skill, and speed that determine the outcome in battle. These stats are determined by Axie’s class (attributes) and six body parts (cards): eyes, ears, horns, mouth, back, and tail.

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Players can collect more Axies and try and error combinations of them to get stronger Axies, or breed two types of Axies to create new Axies with strong characteristics. , Challenge the battle.

The battle is a team battle consisting of one Axie as a defender and two Axies as an attacker, so you need at least three Axies to play the game. You have to buy this at first, but in fact, here is the excellent mechanism of Axie Infinity.

Why Axie Infinity has become a popular game

It costs tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yen depending on the market rate to get the three Axie bodies needed to start Axie Infinity. NFTs are becoming more and more popular than Axie, which has stronger characteristics.

Even though it is a game that requires an initial investment so far, there is no end to the number of participants because it is possible to earn profits by playing it. Since Axie can be bought and sold as an NFT, it may be a good investment project due to its increasing popularity.

Axie Price January 2020

Axie Price October 2021

The price of Axie is soaring.Source: Upper The Lunacian January 2020, Lower Axie Infinity marketplace October 2021

In addition, third-party scholarships are accelerating their popularity.

A famous scholarship is a guild (a group of online game players / companies) called YGG (Yield Guild Games). Guilds are investing in Play-to-Earn games that can be earned using NFTs and resources, and are buying large quantities of NFTs.

The guild has built a mechanism to lend those NFTs to potential players called scholarship students for free, let them play the game, and collect a part of the rewards earned there as interest. More than 1000 Axie scholarship students belong to YGG, and each player earns hundreds to thousands of yen every month.

In this way, Play-to-Earn is being accepted as a new form of work. In emerging countries such as the Philippines and Indonesia, there are many players who belong to YGG and play Axie Infinity to earn a living.

Thanks to these mechanisms, Axie Infinity is becoming more and more popular, and at the same time, the value of NFTs, AXSs and SLPs is increasing synergistically.

The concept of Play-to-Earn has long existed in the virtual space platform called Metaverse. However, the currency at that time was limited to the Metaverse, and items purchased by currency were not NFTs, so it was only a concept of a closed world.

Axie Infinity tokens “SLP” and “AXS”

SLP and AXS are tokens issued in accordance with ERC-20, which is a common standard of Ethereum.

SLP is a token needed primarily for Axie breeding, but AXS is not only used for breeding costs, but also serves as a governance token that underpins the Axie Infinity ecosystem.

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Axie Infinity is constantly expanding and can be used for governance voting when new game systems or new features are added.

It also functions as an incentive to maintain the ecosystem. AXS holders can receive the newly issued AXS as a reward by staking the token.

Besides that, AXS is a token used for all rewards, such as being available by playing user-generated content in Land.

AXS use case
AXS is used not only for breeding costs but also for governance and staking and is distributed as the core of the ecosystem.Source: Axie Infinity White Paper

How to make money with Axie Infinity

Axie allows players to become breeders and breed like real-world pets to give birth to Axie’s offspring. The newly born Axie can be sold on the marketplace as an NFT, of course.

However, the upper limit of the breeding frequency of one Axie is set to 7 times, and 1AXS and SLP that changes depending on the breeding frequency are required as a cost when breeding.

The SLP required for breeding is available by playing Axie Infinity. You can get it by playing against each other in adventure mode or clearing daily quests. It is also possible to exchange for Ethereum (ETH) at exchanges that can trade SLP such as cryptocurrency exchange Binance and Uniswap.

On the other hand, AXS can be obtained by playing the game like SLP, but AXS can only be obtained by defeating other players in arena mode or winning a higher rank in battle competitions etc. .. In other words, it’s hard to get unless you’re stronger.

NFTs distributed in the Axie Infinity ecosystem can be bought and sold on the official marketplace. Get the Axie you need to play the game in advance at this market.

In addition, Axie created by breeding and various game items obtained by playing games can also be bought and sold in Ethereum (ETH). Axie Infinity can also make money on rare NFT transactions.

A mechanism that allows you to earn more profits by playing more games to get rare items, or finding know-how to create stronger Axie by breeding and reigning as a top breeder. It has become.

Axie Infinity game quality

In the past blockchain games, there are many games that have created new species by breeding NFT characters and have been excited by the value of NFT’s rarity. However, many of them kept their value due to the existence of collectors.

Many NFT characters have only been evaluated for their intentional rarity due to their different appearances, such as “rare because they have horns” and “rare because they have different colors”. In other words, it was neglected whether it was purely interesting as a game.

However, the rarity of Axie in Axie Infinity has become clear because its main purpose is to create a battle-resistant NFT in playing the game. Its value as an NFT is much easier to understand than in previous games.

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The ease of understanding also leads to the fun of the game. It is no exaggeration to say that there are still few blockchain games that are interesting to play. Axie Infinity is one of the few high-quality blockchain games.

I also like the fact that Play-to-Earn has created a solid ecosystem. As you earn money by playing, the number of participants will increase one after another. As the number of participants increases, the value of tokens and NFTs increases, creating a virtuous cycle.

The negative point is that the cost required for initial investment has risen due to the excessive popularity, the hurdle to participate has become high, and it has become difficult for general gamers to participate. ..

However, the new working environment created by Play-to-Earn, such as the scholarship system, is a successful example of rare innovation by virtual currency, and many people have come to pay attention to NFT and blockchain games. Can be evaluated.

The success of Axie Infinity may also accelerate investment in the Play-to-Earn domain.

The future of Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity, which moved from Ethereum’s main chain to the side chain Ronin in May 2021, is still in its infancy as a game.

Launched by Land, Axie Infinity aims to be a powerful medium for getting game developers involved in blockchain technology.

Already, Axie Infinity has developed a tool to appraise Axie, a tool to enhance marketplace search, a mini game, and a community site that aggregates this information.

The ecosystem of AXS is expected to continue to expand, and it is expected that it will be possible to play on various platforms such as web browsers and mobile apps in the future.

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